A unique, novel mass spectrometry-based multiplexed endogenous kinase activity profiling technology.

  • Robust & established targeted MS

  • Endogenous kinase activities

  • Multiplexed, sensitive and quantitative

  • Covers over 150 human kinases

  • Cells, tissues, (liquid) biopsies

  • Patented activation loop-based assay

  • Developed by world-leading scientists

  • Under development


Advanced LC-MS Solutions

Our phosphoproteomics services comprise MS-based proteomics solutions for analyses of cells and tissues. This service allows for the identification and quantification of proteins, phosphopeptides, and kinases in a single experiment


Protein phosphorylation on serine, threonine and tyrosine residues is a common post-translational modification and occurs on over one-third of all cellular proteins. In humans, 518 protein kinases have been identified that regulate phosphorylation networks and control biological processes such as proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. Phosphorylation takes place mainly on serine residues (86.4%), followed by threonine residues (11.8%) and tyrosine residues (1.8%).



PEPSCOPE’s phosphoproteomics workflows generally require around 1 mg of sample lysate, use urea-based protein digestion, followed by peptide desalting and lyophilization, peptide fractionation using high-pH reversed-phase chromatography. Phosphopeptides are enriched, sometimes multiple times, resulting in numerous LC-MS/MS measurements per biological sample to be analyzed (PEPSCOPE can do this up to 10 different samples).


At PEPSCOPE, we multiplex samples to study proteome-wide phosphorylation events through different quantitative mass spectrometry approaches, such as Tandem-Mass-Targets (TMT) labeling. TMT is a chemical derivatization technique used to identify, compare and quantify proteins from multiple samples in one single experiment by mass spectrometry.

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