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Pepscope opens new lab space in Wageningen

Pepscope develops technologies to improve so-called kinase inhibitors, which are small molecules that deactivate specific proteins. Kinase inhibitors are a group of targeted drugs that are effective against cancer types in selected groups of patients.

Pepscope has reached an agreement with Kadans to rent space in the BioPartner Centre Wageningen. As of July 2021 Pepscope is partly located in Wageningen. In the coming years, Pepscope will work on its QuantaKinome™ technology at this location, while its headquarters will remain in Utrecht.

Anna Ressa, CEO and co-founder of Pepscope: "This location in Wageningen is a great step for us. Finding suitable lab space is not easy, but with help from Oost NL we managed to find a perfect location for expansion. In Wageningen, we will start our new commercial phase. This facility will double our efforts to provide innovative, reliable services to our clients. We are continuously working on improving our technology with our pharma partners."

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