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Pepscope in Collaboration on Breast Cancer Kinase Profiling

This project aims to improve personalized cancer medicine by developing new tools to measure kinase activity in clinical samples. The tool and accompanying methods will produce "kinome profiles" to be used by physicians to help assess treatment and prognosis for individual cancer patients. Kinase inhibitors are the largest class of new cancer drugs. There are currently 22 small molecule kinase inhibitors approved as anticancer drugs. Interest has been fueled by the realization that kinases are intimately involved in cancer cell growth, proliferation and survival. Indeed, kinases and their direct regulators are among the most frequently mutated oncogenes and tumor suppressors. Several cancer treatments are designed to inhibit aberrantly activated kinases to prevent cell division.

This is a collaboration with Biomolex (Oslo, NO) and the Radium Hospital (Oslo, NO). The project is supported by the EU under the Eurostars program, nr 11086.

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