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Meet us at the Next Generation Kinase Inhibitors Summit in Boston

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Next Generation Kinase Inhibitors Summit

Meet the Pepscope team in Boston from March 29-31, 2022

Celebrating 20 years of FDA approval and high efficacy profiles, kinase inhibitors have changed the face of oncology treatment. However, increasing resistance and safety issues limit the success of existing kinase inhibitor classes. Meet with Anna Ressa (CEO) and Nynke Kannegieter (Head of Biology) at this conference to learn how QuantaKinome™ helps to overcome these issues.

The inaugural Next Generation Kinase Inhibitors Summit is the only industry-focused meeting dedicated to applying novel kinase biology to drug development and innovating existing programs to produce the next wave of kinase inhibitor drugs which are able to show efficacious and durable clinical response in oncology and beyond.

Turbocharge the Development of the Best-In-Class Kinase Inhibitor Products, to Enhance Specificity, Overcome Resistance to Deliver Safe & Durable Clinical Responses with QuantaKinome™
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