About Pepscope

PEPSCOPE develops and provides advanced customer-focused protein analysis services and products. We aim to make kinase inhibitors better therapeutics by giving unique insights into their functioning, through quantitative profiling of kinase activities in tissues. We want to accelerate drug development by providing pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers with crucial knowledge about in vivo effects of compounds on the kinome, leading to more efficacious therapies for targeted patient groups.


We continuously advance our capabilities in mass spectrometry- and microarray-based proteomics and kinome profiling technologies through our valued collaborations with the Utrecht University – Department of Maarten Altelaar & Albert Heck, the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam – Departments of Theo Luider  (Neurology), Sieger Leenstra (Neurosurgery), Maikel Peppelenbosch (MDL)  – and industry partners.


We offer unique comprehensiveness and data quality for the analysis of cells and tissues. Our primary customers are in the pharma and research segments focussing on cancer and drug research and monitoring response to therapies.



Key Competencies:


  • Protein kinase profiling technologies

  • Phosphoproteomics

  • >10 years experience with high-end LC-MS

  • Kinome profiling peptide microarray technology

  • >10 years experience with substrate microarrays