Kinome Profiling

Protein kinases modulate most biological pathways and play central roles in a variety of diseases. Real-time measurement of all kinase activities provides crucial fingerprints of the signaling network in human tissues.
Today, only Pepscope offers a kinome profiling platform that deeply and directly quantifies the activity of more than one third of the known kinome in its native environment in a single run.
QuantaKinome™ is a precise, analytical method, including mass reference standards for more than 170 protein kinases. This guarantees reproducible results, reliable longitudinal studies and robust conclusions.

deep and
direct human kinome profiling

170+ kinase coverage in 10+ pathways

quantitative, reliable, and robust

in-tissue kinase activities

any tissue sample or liquid biopsy of any size

multiplexed targeted mass spectrometry


"Heavy dependence on direct observation is essential to biology not only because of the complexity of biological phenomena but because of the intervention of natural selection with its criterion of adequacy rather than perfection. In a system shaped by natural selection, it is inevitable that logic will lose its way. "

George A. Bartholomew
In 'Scientific innovation and creativity: a zoologist’s point of view', American Zoologist (1982), 22, 229.

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